The TriForce grooving system is a new series of innovative grooving tools designed to offer ultimate rigidity and accuracy for stable grooving applications. The latest addition of internal and face grooving tools to the series ensures nearly all grooving application needs are covered.

The modular system allows a variable tool selection whilst maintaining the important, overall rigidity and clamping strength. Additionally, a wide variety of inserts for the TRIFORCE range makes it possible to cover a diverse area of machining applications, ensuring high efficiency, precision machining.

Pioneering TriForce system of clamping

The clamping system ensures that the blade is securely located from 3 directions, SIDE, FRONT and TOP. This leads to high tool rigidity, comparable to a mono block type holder and able to produce results of equal quality
Additionally, the modular system improves tool management by reducing stock of costly mono-block holders and has the benefit that one tool holder can be used with several different blades. These blades are interchangeable so that different lengths can be used for different applications and also if tool breakage occurs, it is only necessary to change the blade, making it economically advantageous over a mono-block types.

A wide variety of inserts

Insert widths are available in 10 types ranging from 2.0 ~ 6.35mm. Corner radii types are available as standard, with 4 sizes of radii, from 0.2 to 0.8mm. Additionally, 5 different chip breakers are offered to cover various applications such as grooving, parting off, turning and copying. Good chip control and excellent surface finishes can be obtained with the renowned Miracle coated VP10RT and VP20RT grades for steel machining. Additionally, 2 new grades are available, a CVD coated grade MY5015 for cast iron and steel and a Cermet grade NX2525 for finishing. Furthermore, a long life CBN grade MB8025, is also available for finishing hardened steel.